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The reason why social media is so important is because you can essentially set up your own account on any social media platform, and use that as a way to increase your customer base or interest base very organically depending on the product or service that you provide your customers.

Unfortunately, you cannot reinvent the wheel for every market. There are certain markets where it can just be too difficult to create a Facebook account that would generate interest. Carpenters and Joiners for example can only do so much to generate buzz regarding their products.

This is the same for certain services. There are only so many services that actually look interesting from someone on the outside. If you try to sell services such as tutoring, then using Facebook can be a great way to do this. But if you are a trash collector or a road sweeper, it can be a lot more difficult to advertise these services as they are not in “high demand” to the general public who are willing to spend their money, and for the most part people will not be interested in looking at posts or videos regarding these services, as horrible as that may sound.

It is important to note how important something like Facebook can be when it comes to the marketing aspect. You can do your best to make anything look or sound interesting thanks to the ability to type out a significant amount of text that is also matched with media such as videos or pictures. Something like Instagram for example is great because of the video aspect being so easy to watch, but it can be difficult to use that platform for other services.

While we have only just touched on it, there are still more than a few reasons to why it’s so important!

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